Take a part in close crowdsale
The most trusted community for private ICO sales
Get access to ICOs you want
Getting into good ICOs is becoming more difficult all the time. Institutional buyers enjoy first offerings and better pricing, while the rest of us get what's left over. Not anymore.
Access high-profile ICOs that individuals can't get
Many popular ICOs sell-out before reaching Public Sale. As a group we can meet the large contributions required to secure Pre-Sale opportunities (crowd effect!).
Gain discounts & favourable Pre-Sale Offers
Not all Pre-Sale ICO Deals are created equal.
We negotiate offers with ICO CEOs and Management Teams that are favourable, may be exclusive to us, and include discounts on purchase price.
Contribute the amount you want
Simple – contribute a little or a lot.
You are able to purchase token amounts that suit you within the allocations of our offers.
A variety of ICOs to choose from
We bring ICO offers to our Members on a regular basis. You get a variety of high profile and in-demand ICOs to choose from.
Smart Contract Token Purchase
We provide you with offer information.
Purchases are made to ICOs through Smart Contracts.
The Value of Community
The volume of information on block chain and ICOs is huge. In the crowd you are no longer just one person making sense of the landscape and opportunites.
Are you an ICO founder interested in a private presale?

Contact us at ico@icoboard.io and let's see if we can make working together a win/win for our members and your ICO!

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